About The Staff

Cindy E. Chandler, Executive Director

Cindy is one of the founding mothers of Family SOUP.  She is a mother of three and a seasoned veteran of IEPs, IPPs and 504s, from pre-school to college. If you can’t find her doing something for Family SOUP, she’s probably in the garden. Contact Cindy at cindy@familysoup.org

Carla Olmstead Newman, ASW

Carla is the mother of three adult children. She has a passion for equipping parents to improve their and their children’s quality of life through education, therapy, and support. Carla enjoys baking/cooking, photography, swimming, and gardening as a way to make the world a better place and to renew her spirit. Contact Carla at carla@familysoup.org

Chris Hickey, Early Start Director

Chris works with the families of our youngest children. She represents on the local Community Advisory Committee and she also represents Sutter County on the State Council on Developmental Disabilities, as well as being involved in many other local activities in the community of Sutter. Contact Chris at chris@familysoup.org



Cynthia Sandoval, Parent Liaison

Cynthia is our Spanish Parent Liaison and has been with Family SOUP since July 2003. She is trilingual; Spanish, English and American Sign Language. She organizes parent support activities, translates information for parents and works one-on-one with parents to identify their needs. Contact Cynthia at cynthia@familysoup.org    


Jesana Tran, Parent Liaison

Jesana has worked with families and children in Colusa County for six years. It is her great pleasure to provide support to the Colusa Community.  Jesana lives in Sutter County with her husband and three children. She is not only a parent support but also a parent of a child with special needs. Contact Jesana at jesana@familysoup.org


Amber Soto, Administrative Assistant

Contact Amber at ambers@familysoup.org  



Brenda Leonhardt, Administrative Assistant

As the Able Riders Clerk and Administrative Assistant for Family Soup, Brenda particularly enjoys the supportive and learning atmosphere at Family SOUP, which helps her to point families in the right direction when they call our agency to request services. She believes that Able Riders is a valuable asset to our community, and she enjoys seeing the benefits that kids derive from that program. Contact Brenda at brenda@familysoup.org  


Janis Perrucci, Financial Officer

Janis has been a part of the organization since 1992, when she first served as Treasurer of the Board.  She is currently the staff member responsible for keeping our finances in order. Contact Janis at perrucci3@comcast.net



Stephanie Kaesekamp, Able Riders Instructor